Aimee is a strategic-trained creative thinker. Aimee’s role bridges the gap between consultant and creative. She has over 15 years experience in marketing, design, and promotions all informing the way she works in unique, and sometimes, unexpected ways.



Not so long ago, after nearly 10 years working as creative generalists, we decided to work with more clear intent & specificity and to do that for clients making a difference in human lives. Like many organizations do, we realized that we could not be all things to all people without sacrificing greatness. So, we focused our energy on a more personalized and strategic approach to working with a select group of change-making clients. These days, we work with less noise, and it turns out that with quiet, comes focus. Our approach, while well honed, continues to evolve, and with each evolution, the work becomes more thoughtful, consistent, and humanized than its prior self.