Breakfast of Champions: A Week’s Worth

In my twenties breakfast consisted of coffee and a cigarette on my walk to work. Since I don’t smoke or walk to work anymore (and I like to think am a little wiser)…I try to eat something every morning. If I don’t, things generally start to fall apart by 10:30 as I get progressively grumpy […]

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Same But Different

Most people don’t like surprises. We, as creatures of habit are, at least for the most part, pretty change-averse. We like to know that our favorite event happens in April, that our favorite song will get us through the end of Soul Cycle class. We like knowing that our dog will be waiting for us […]

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There is a time and a place when going a little rogue is absolutely necessary. I’ve seen it more than a handful of times. Girl sits behind desk, follows all the rules….creates work… whether exceptional or not…goes unnoticed and gets her little credit! Girl takes some chances and endures some risk, takes said organization to […]

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Getting to Yes As a Non-profit

I love yes. It’s the opposite of no and a close cousin of maybe. Anyone ever tried to plan a trip with 10 people’s input? Let’s just say… it’s challenging. Sometimes that is exactly what it feels trying to get a consensus while working through a rebrand with a non-profit. And for those of you […]

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Get Over It! How to Get Over a Pitch Gone Wrong.

Bad days…we all have them. So what happens when one coincides with a huge pitch? The lingering devastation of all the wrong words literally spilling out of your mouth during a presentation can have lasting effects on your work and your mood. Take a breath, walk calmly to your car or office. Then take some time to yourself. […]

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A Story is Woven

One of the reasons I love working with non-profits is variety. It allows me a unique focus in terms of the kind of the clients I work with, but wide variety in terms of the stories they have to tell. Now here is a personal story, it’s a little long, but if you stick with […]

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Your Week of Graphic Design Speak: Issue 1

Sometimes designer speak can seem like a foreign language, whether you are referencing print, identity, or a digital design project the lexicon can be overwhelming. Because I interface so much with clients, I often serve as a translator (air quotes). Some of these I use on a regular basis. Others I have working knowledge of, […]

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Pushing Pixels

I am sure a headline like that makes you think I am going to talk about graphics. Wrong. This may come as a shock coming from someone who has never posted a personal Facebook post or accepted a personal friend request, but the verdict is in. Outreach via Facebook ads–worth every penny. Not so friendly […]

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Find Your Voice Again

When an organization innovates one of the first things that falls short is organizational dialect. If you are a team member, you may be hearing one thing from management, but your brain is recalling something else. Unless you are a real shapeshifter, chances are that you will wait until you hear definitively what the new […]

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