A multidisciplinary approach to a multidisciplinary arts festival brand campaign.

This multimedia brand campaign was designed to continue to build the CounterCurrent brand, generate buzz about this year’s festival, and increase attendance. The campaign included a festival catalog with four different covers, foldout poster, postcards, a series of four different totes, signage, online and print advertisements, and a responsive website. 2016 marks the third year for this roving citywide festival and each year the festival gets bigger. This year’s strategy focused heavily on an outreach component that leveraged online advertising and variety of print and social media advertisements to boost attendance and create buzz. The emphasis was on color and imagery that captured the multidisciplinary nature of the works and on evergreening as many of the outreach materials as possible to mind the 2017 budget.


Visual Identity System
Responsive Website
Promotional Materials
Core Messaging
Creative Campaign
Print Collateral Design

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