Advocating for better human health and cleaner air.

HabitatMap is a nonprofit environmental justice organization whose goal is to raise awareness about the impact the environment has on human health. Our team initially created the strategy, nonprofit brand identity, online mapping platform, and messaging that positioned the HabitatMap brand in a way that helped educate and align activists for environmental health justice. More recent initiatives included the creation of an extension brand called MapThink: Water, an outreach initiative that included the design of a website for educators and a downloadable curriculum aimed at high school students. We worked with the client to develop messaging and a user experience that was practical and easy to follow. Messaging that at its core emphasizes the real-world experiential aspect of the assignments. Most recently, Consequence worked to create a brand identity, messaging, and on–a-budget crowd-funding campaign that successfully funded a project enabling the manufacturing and distribution of an air quality monitor used to detect personal exposure to pollutants including levels of sound via your phone’s microphone, humidity, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, as well as heart rate, heart rate variability, R to R, breathing rate, activity level, peak acceleration and core temperature measurements.


Visual Identity
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Toolkit/Curriculum Design
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